Monday, March 13, 2017

The Recipe For Singing

"There Are Many Methods For Singing"

Yes, there are many methods for singing.  Many are outdated.  Many are useless.  Many have no basis in science or in practice.  Many have harmed voices of singers who used them.  There is only one way, or method, which works for everyone.

Can You Cook or Bake?

If you have made cookies, a cake, chicken piccata or eggs benedict, you know that you must have all the recipe's ingredients, and also that the ingredients must be combined, prepared and heated in a specified way.  The better the ingredients, the better the outcome.  Cookies without sugar or honey or something sweet added will not taste sweet.  Bake them too hot or for too long, also, and they won't be so great.  Omitting an ingredient will guarantee inferiority.  Doing the right thing at the wrong time or simply doing the wrong thing will guarantee failure.  Is there an actual recipe for singing and singing great?  There is.  People will charge you as much as $500 for an hour to start learning the so-called secrets, methods, or principles.  Yet, some of those people know little or nothing about style and also may be sorely lacking in musicianship.  What if you need help with those things. too?

The Recipe For Singing:

  • Does not ignore music, science, physics, or medical science.
  • Uses the muscles in a coordinated way to safely produce vocal sound.
  • Has been proven over and over among the top professionals.
  • Does not impose limits.
  • Gives a singer the freedom to express.
  • Does not alter your natural sound.
  • Involves more than vocal technique. 17 more things than vocal technique.  You may already have some of those but you may need to develop others.

Vocal Technique

  • Vocal technique should not harm your voice or cause strain.
  • It should give you freedom of your entire range with no breaks.
  • It should help you have endurance for concerts and/or recording.
  • It should give you the flexibility and accuracy of pitch needed for modern singing.
  • It does not deal in myths or lies, such as telling you to "sing from your diaphragm". Doctors know that this is a myth and why.
  • It does not tell you to "place your sound".  That is physically impossible and science reveals why.
  • It deals in fact, not in fantasy. You do not have to visualize anything.
  • It does not inhibit you with expressing yourself.

There Are 18 Ingredients In The Recipe For Singing

Vocal technique is only one of the 18 ingredients and it is a vast subject within itself!  18 Ingredients?!  What are they?  Adele has them.  Amy Winehouse had many of them.  Bruno Mars has them.  Adam Levine has them.  Lady Gaga has them. Christina Aguilera has them. Do you have them?  Would you like to have them?