Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The difference between a dream and a goal, is inaction versus action. A dream can be a whim, or a weak passing thought, without any evaluation as to the possibility of turning it into a measurable reality. A real goal is one of the most powerful concepts that there is. When a goal is formulated intelligently, almost nothing can stop it from happening. A goal includes an examination of the resources and abilities necessary for attainment. It involves an honest assessment and comparison between oneself and others who have attained that goal or one like it. A goal could easily include a hundred or more solid reasons why it must be attained and as many resources for reaching it in a timely manner. Can you imagine the power you could generate, if you had 100 reasons to do something that you love doing?

Achievers of goals on a grand scale, have had few doubts and little, if any, thoughts or considerations about doing anything other than attaining that goal. Thoughts alone may just be mere dreams. Goals include the action of the “goal-setter” and whatever team that person assembles to carry it to fruition. Do not think you can do it all on your own; so, keep or get your “people skills” well-developed.

Although many successful people have done things other than their chosen vocation (or avocation), most of the time these were solely survival driven (you have to eat) or were actually part of the plan to reach the goal. Serious singers and artists of other media do not have time for a “backup plan”. It is so time intensive to prepare for a national or international level career, that there are not enough hours left in the day to work on your backup plan.

If you choose to let go of your dream because you don’t have the courage to pursue it as a goal, then let it go completely. Just do your backup plan and be a good accountant, or engineer, or sales clerk, or garbage collector or however else you have decided to sell yourself short. Not that there is anything wrong with those careers, but how do they compare to a successful one in the arts? You would only be squandering the opportunity to be involved in a career that allows you to be creative and express yourself. If this doesn’t make sense, then maybe you are not really a high caliber artist in the first place.

The people you admire as you listen to their music, did not do or make a backup plan. In most cases, it has taken artists several years to cultivate their career. Success doesn’t happen with the snap of one’s fingers; you have to put in the hours. Maybe you are right, and you don’t have enough talent, and you don’t write well enough. But maybe you do, and you will only have yourself to answer to when you are older and you begin looking back on what could have been. It would be pretty pathetic and a waste, if you have to wonder what might have happened, had you not been lazy and had you not given up at the first sign or even several signs of adversity.