Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Policy

Is it finally time to change things? "Holding back" is a bad habit that brings about bad results. "Waiting" is another bad habit that brings about no results. All I have is now. I cannot do anything about the past but I can learn from it. This is what I shall do about it:

Today is the day that I put myself onto the road to being disciplined and shall progress toward achieving my goals and being successful abundantly.

How I will do this:


I shall resist doing the things that kept me from my goals. I shall resist wasting time. I shall resist the thoughts and the people who say I will not make it. I shall resist all distractions, yet will keep a balance in my life.


I shall persist toward my goals. I shall continue in spite of everything that appears to be in my way. I will continue no matter what. I shall keep myself motivated and inspired. I shall reiterate to myself my abilities and my resources and shall use them to their full advantage. I shall continuously expand my resources in great abundance. I shall achieve my goals. I shall plan my actions and shall act on my plans.


I shall schedule my time and take control over it. I shall keep track of my actions and keep statistics in order to evaluate successful actions and to hold myself accountable. I shall remove all obstacles to my goals. When I feel blocked, I shall find the route by consulting the road map. My road map is abundantly full of every possible route to my destination.


I shall make it very real in my mind and keep it there until I “go out of my mind” by bringing it into existence in the physical universe. Everything is working. Everything is expanding. My goals are achieved and now exist right here.