Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Obliterate Stage Fright

Why Is Your Stage Fright Still Here?
Does any of the following sound familiar to you?
  • Your hands shake every time you get in front of an audience.
  • Your voice shakes every time you have to speak or sing to an audience.  
  • You practice and rehearse and you feel you are ready, but you have no confidence.
  • You want to run away, instead of stand and let people stare at you.
  • You know there are lots of people who look comfortable on stage.  They look like the love it and are having a great time.  Not you, though. 
  • If any of the above sounds like you… then you're most likely in the right place.

People who have never been on stage will give you all kinds of suggestions, but probably never used any of them, themselves.  They have not felt what you feel.   They know to not get on a stage because they would probably just run off the stage.  They also think that your stage fright is funny.  Is it?

It's NOT your fault! This is what doesn't work!
  • You try to picture people in their underwear, but your imagination is broken or something.  You can see they are all dressed.
  • You take a drug or you drink.  You see a video of yourself and are embarrassed out of your mind.
  • You get counseling or hypnosis but it doesn't work for you and you run off stage and cry.
  • You talk to other performers and they say they don't have stage fright.  You know they are lying and they don't want to help you.  They tell you to "will it away".
  • You look over peoples' heads and they feel excluded.  You feel disconnected from the audience.

There Are THREE Kinds Of Stage Fright

There are actually three stages of stage fright and they are related, but each is different from the other. 

What's The Next Step?