Thursday, February 23, 2006


I have had so many requests to write a newsletter again that I've broken down and started. Well, maybe it's not a breakdown. Maybe it's more like a break through. We, who are in the arts, are a peculiar people. We see things differently than those who are not artists. We may see things in more depth and breadth than those who take things for granted, mostly ignoring certain things around themselves. Let's put that to a test. Print out this page. Look around the room and notice everything that is brown. (You can't cheat on this one or it won't work) Put this page in front of your eyes and then close your eyes for a second and then open them with this sheet in front of your face. DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT YET! If you didn't cheat, you are now staring at this paper in front of your face and you have made a mental note of the things that are brown in the room. Without moving this sheet...What did you see that was blue? DON'T LOOK. JUST USE YOUR MEMORY. What can we learn from this? People tend to ignore a lot of what is around themselves but we, as artists, as singers, cannot do that if we expect to be excellent at what we do. Did you remember anything that is blue where you are without peeking? Does it make sense that since singing usually happens with music and since singing IS music that we should try to learn more about music so that we can be better singers? Most professions have to keep up with new things and they call it "continuing education". Can you know too much about a subject? No, not if you are wanting to the best that you can be. What do you know about rhythm, pitch, tone, scales,chords, dynamics, voicings, accompaniment patterns, styles, forms,improvising, writing music, writing or doing vocal harmony? Is there still more to learn?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sheree and Chuck Stewart

We are in color in real life and we both sing.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I am now set up to do vocal instruction via the internet and... it will be a private lesson and we would both see and hear each other in streaming video and audio and in real time. It isn't just copies of exercises for your voice; this is a real live lesson!