Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Singing Star

The formula for being a singing star is... It has to be easy, right? The great ones make it seem like it is effortless. How to get from effort-full to effortless? Maybe have 2 or three voice lessons, 2 or 3 acting lessons and a couple of dance classes. That should do it! Oh! Throw in an acting class. Yes, I AM being sarcastic! If most people knew what most singing stars have gone through with classes or school, they wouldn't ever start. The great ones have years of practice, lessons, experience and more. What is the "more"? Talent and objectivity are two things. Most singers evaluate themselves as either being way better than they are or way worse than they are. Both viewpoints cause more problems than you can shake a pair of vocal cords at. Somebody invented the word "pitchy", supposedly meaning that the singer is out of tune, not on the note, either sharp or flat, or all of the aforementioned. Where does that lead one, to actually do something about it? It depends on what the real problem is. Is it intervals, not having an adequately developed melodic and/or harmonic "ear"? If a person is "pitchy", he/she doesn't know why or the singing wouldn't be so hard to listen two. Some people sing well and never had a lesson. Why is that? Strong natural ability and the ability to: hear, duplicate, assimilate, and emulate with a high degree of accuracy musically, stylistically, and emotionally. Those people are very very rare. Oftentimes they have additionally had instrumental training and experience, however.