Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How To Fail Or...

What usually happens when you give someone some great advice, advice that is proven to produce quantifiable success and has worked for many people? What usually happens? Nothing. Most people seem to be not inclined to change anything, let alone succeed in a big way. 

The real reason for resentment when a person becomes aware of another's success or wealth is the pain some specific emotions bring. Envy and jealousy are usually coupled with some serious avoidance of reality.... The reality of never practicing, the reality of having incorrectly assessed or incorrectly having estimated the amount of work and dedication but also having never done the necessary work can be painful to realize. Most cannot face this deficiency in character or in work ethic because it is virtually inseparable from one's own personal integrity. To do so would bring a person to a fork in the road. One side leads to an introspection followed by a pity party, fraught with self-deprecating "affirmations" and THEN followed by giving up on dreams and goals. The other side leads to reassessing and reevaluating the effort put forth and the results of that effort. It does NOT include letting oneself off the hook by diminishing oneself and lying about never having had the talent when in fact, talent was never the issue. 

Most people (failing in the arts) lack the ability to practice, to objectively evaluate and keep track of progress, NOT talent. Talent is rarely the issue for failure in the arts. It can look so easy to sing, to play an instrument, to paint, to write, to dance. Why? We are usually looking at the people who put in the education and the practice to look or sound so good. Ask a top professional about the time and quality of work that went into the art before it was ever shared in a big way. 

Success cannot be guaranteed but lack of success can be guaranteed. How? Never practice or practice too little. Never bother to learn vocal technique and music in depth. Work on changing yourself INSTEAD of doing the work everyone else did to be and do what you say YOU want. Do that and get nowhere in a hurry. Put in no time or too little time and it is almost 100% guaranteed you will NEVER be a good, let alone a professional, artist.