Monday, November 04, 2019

10 WARNING Signs of A Vocal Cult (NOT a vocal coach)

Some vocal coaches believe or try to make you believe that they have the only answers and that everyone else is wrong.  How can we tell?  Let’s get to it!

1.       Their way is the only way, or the best way.
2.       They show off their knowledge.
3.       They use their students to prove their value or worth (some had only one lesson with them).
4.       They never reveal their sources.
5.       They use confusing or invented terminology.
6.       They are condescending and make you feel stupid or ignorant.
7.       They use clich├ęs and myths, which have long been proven to be false.
8.       They think they know better than everyone else but have no proof of this
9.       They want you to depend on them and to not check out anyone else.
10.   Their singing isn’t good and it makes their technique questionable at best.

I’ve learned and confirmed what I teach with 8 physicians and 2 speech therapists.  Some teachers think that mixing science with art will destroy the art.  Those same teachers blame something else when their bad advice injures a singer.  Those same teachers blame the singer when the singer doesn’t improve.  Sometimes it is the singer’s fault because the singer misunderstands or incorrectly applies exercises and instruction, or simply does not practice enough or at all.  I give credit to my vocal coaches and my mentors.

I’ve taken the best of the best of the best vocal coaches, who have proven success in helping their clients or students.  Knowing anatomy and structure and function of it as applies to singing, does enhance understanding and can even accelerate improvement and development.  

The most important and most neglected aspect of singing is one which many singers are intimidated by the most.  They don’t understand what it is and don’t do anything about it in too many cases.  The strangest thing is that they have it naturally in most cases but just don’t know the terms.  The little holes in the knowledge of it are what keeps them sounding amateurish or bad.   What is it?  Get ready to cringe or to run away.  It is musicianship.

Are you a voice student or a cult member?