Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Singers - “Try not. Do, or do not..."

“Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, from the movie “Star Wars”

You cannot look at the quote (“Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”) on the surface and make much sense of it.  Beneath the surface and in the implication or inference is the true meaning.  The intention when beginning anything can and does control the outcome.  It is not always true, but it can be true and has been true that a weak intention may not produce any result at all.  It starts with leaving you an out.  Your escape hatch is built before the whole house is even started.  Beneath or behind the words lies the intention. 

This isn’t about rah-rah "cheerleading" motivation.  The football players out on the field, beating each other’s brains out, cannot even hear the cheerleaders.  They don’t always even hear the crowd in the stands.  They are focused on winning the game.  Intention is made up of desire, motivation, and maybe inspiration.  Intention has a goal.  Intention has within it the intention to persevere until there is fruition.  It is the process of visualization turning into a manifestation.  There is a period of gestation and growth, which take time and expansion and the force necessary to break through the surface and to emerge.  Much to learn from plants, there is.  These are things for you to know.  These are things for you to live, and also, to teach your children; maybe even your friends. 

The grass doesn’t think.  It’s a good thing.  It starts from a seed and cells divide and multiply over and over again.  The intelligence is contained within its DNA.  It doesn’t have negative thoughts or thoughts to wait, give up, or to stop.  Grass grows.  There is a life cycle.  Grass also dies.  It doesn’t decide to die or commit suicide.  It has a time frame of its life.  It may be invaded by alien things such as insects and poisons.  Some will take its life, but some will live alongside the grass.  Death is not where to focus.  Death of dreams and goals leads you nowhere. 

Life leads you to more life, if you get into the flow and the process of it, just like those friendly little aphids and your happy ladybugs, who eat them.  Delicious!  The aphids are little sapsuckers and are not so friendly to plants.  You need to learn to recognize and identify who are friends and who are enemies.  Some people help you and some suck the life out of you.  Stay away from those silly sapsuckers!  This is part of achieving a worthwhile goal.  Things are either advancing you toward the goal or away from it or stopping your motion and momentum.

When you make a goal, envision the outcome.  There will always be things to overcome: time, effort, a lack of energy, a lack of self-discipline, a lack of personal ethics, a lack of anything thwarting or impeding your goal.  What do you want?  What do you want to achieve?  What is first and how is less important, but essential.  What is want ?  What does it mean to want something?  It means, “I don’t have it, but I want to have it.”  The word, have, in the preceding sentence can be replaced with the words do or be, also!  If you can’t envision the outcome, you have not envisioned the goal completely enough to take it out of the category of dreams or wishes. 

You know you want cereal for breakfast.  You look in the refrigerator and there is no milk.  You could maybe have cereal with yogurt but there is no yogurt.  You look in the cupboard.  There is no cereal and you are out of eggs and bacon.  You have money and you have a car.  You have some free time and the store is a few blocks away.  You intend to have milk, cereal, yogurt, eggs and bacon in your home in their proper places.  The weather is good and the roads are good and the store is open.  You know what you will do and how you will do it.  You know that you are all you need to be to make this intention into a manifestation.  You’re healthy and have no pain or disability.  You are a good driver and there is a full tank of gas in the car.  The next day, you have cereal for breakfast.

Was that too simple?  No.  This is how life is.  This is how you have ever accomplished anything.  You had a desire, a motivation, and a wherewithal to make it happen.  This is as simple as getting a glass of water or as going to the bathroom.  In other goals, there may be other things needed:

·         more steps
·         more money
·         more knowledge  
·         more experience
·         more skill  
·         more logistics
·         more planning
·         more doing
·         more time
·         perseverance

Still, there is a simplicity, a process, or a procedure which will share similarities to getting things for breakfast at the local grocery store.  The little list above may point you in the right direction to knowing what you need to do what you want or to have what you want.  What you will have to be, is the person with the factors on the list that get you out of your mind.  Go from thoughts to physical reality, also called manifestation.  It’s not magic, because there is no trick.  Actions speak louder than thoughts.

Chuck Stewart, Vocal Coach