Thursday, August 08, 2019


    You don’t want to spend four years of your time, to get better at singing, do you?  Four years may sound like a lot, but I recall a famous French horn player telling me that he had heard that it can take eight years to build a voice.  He heard this from someone while he was working for The Metropolitan Opera.
    Does it take four years?  No.  Not, if you know what you are doing.  Older methods of voice training only worked for the singers who didn’t need it in the first place.  The lucky ones, endowed with a natural voice and enormous talent, became the stand-out singers.  It was almost impossible to mess them up.
    Now that science has been allowed to enter the world of singing, we know what helps a singer, what hurts a singer, and how to properly train and maintain a singer’s voice.  Sadly, many voice teachers still repeat the worn out and useless phrases that they, themselves, had drilled into their heads.  It could also be the reason that many singing teachers are really bad singers and have never ever worked at singing as a profession. 
    Proven false by physics and medical science are these common myths, some of which can harm or destroy a singer’s voice:  “Sing from your diaphragm.”  “Place your sound in the mask (or up and over or through your eyebrows or _____ )”  “Support your voice with your abs (or your rear end or your pee muscles)”  “Open your mouth two or three fingers wide.”  “Visualize _____.”  Fill in the blank with anything, but it will be a waste of your time.  
    There are at least thirty of these phrases, which are completely useless and potentially harmful.  Some people have had their voices destroyed by such things or by not knowing how to take proper care of the voice.  Julie Andrews is one such example.  She had surgery on her vocal nodules, which caused scarring, which caused her voice to be useless for singing.
    You can learn to sing correctly and have all the range, power, musicality, style, and artistry.  Or, you can study with people who simply want your money and do not care how you sing or if you will ever reach your full potential.  I can show you how to discover the differences between what works and what does not and why that is.