Saturday, November 02, 2013

My Interview With Linda Eder

There is a famous singer, Linda Eder, who has allowed me to interview her.  She is a star of Broadway (Jekyl and Hyde and Camille Claudel).  She has several CDs out.  Enjoy!!!!

An Interview With LInda Eder

It's October 29th, 2013, almost Halloween.

Chuck Stewart:  Do you do anything special for Halloween?

Linda Eder:  I have on different years done big Halloween parties but not too often.  I tend to go all out with the decorations and it takes me weeks to put up and take down.  It’s a lot of work…   But I have always like Halloween because I love costumes.

Chuck Stewart: When did you start singing?

Linda Eder:  From the time I could open my mouth, but I was very shy about singing in front of anyone.

Chuck Stewart: Before continuing, I have to say that I don't know of any other singer, anywhere, or from any era, who has the command of technique, style and artistry, which you possess.  Your rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is pure unmitigated aesthetics.  Your tone quality is unmatched, in my opinion. Your breath control and lung capacity are both amazing.  Do you or have you ever done breathing exercises?

Linda Eder: Not actually breathing exercises, but I was a long distance runner from the age of 7.  I think it helped me build my lungs and breath control.

Chuck Stewart: You perhaps wouldn't believe how many young singers have attempted your songs from Jekyll and Hyde.  Could you talk about your background in acting and if you had classes or teachers along the way?

Linda Eder:  I had no acting lessons before J&H.  My critics will tell you that that fact is obvious.  My fans will tell you that I am a natural born actor.  After Jekyll I did a musical called Camille Claudel and I studied with a private acting coach for about a year prior to the show.

Chuck Stewart: Do you practice singing every day?  How much time do you put in?

Linda Eder:  No, and I should.   All singers can take a tip from Tony Bennett.  The older you get the more important it is to keep singing regularily.  Fortunately I have always worked steadily all year long so I don’t usually go too long without singing.

Chuck Stewart: I have heard you sing several styles of music and they are all quite phenomenal.  How did you learn to do that or was it from listening to many singers and being able to capture a style, so to speak?

Linda Eder:  I listened to records and the radio just l like everyone else, but you have to be innately a musician to be able to understand music and musical styles.  The best tip is to try to stay true to yourself.

Chuck Stewart: "Man of La Mancha" is very powerful, indeed, the way you sing it.  Your upper register is both controlled and gorgeous.  I heard you (in person) in Boston, with the Boston Pops and Arturo Sandoval on a 4th of July a while back.  You sounded as phenomenal in person as you do on recordings.  You don't show any stage fright.  Did you have to overcome any stage fright, and if so, how?

Linda Eder: Terrible stage fright.   As I mentioned I could not sing in front of anyone for a very long time.   It was only because I wanted it so badly that I pushed myself threw the “horror” of possibly embarrassing myself in front of an audience.

Chuck Stewart: Have you ever had to deal with any struggles or challenges in the music business and if so, could you mention one or two?

Linda Eder: No matter what you choose to do in life there will be struggles.   That’s a given.   It’s how you handle both the ups and the downs that makes all the difference.  I’ve had my share of disappointment, but it is what makes the successes that much sweeter.

Chuck Stewart: Do you have an album out currently?  Could you tell us about it?  Where can people buy your music?

Linda Eder:  Yes, I just released my 2nd Christmas CD called CHRISTMAS WHERE YOU ARE.   I did my first Christmas Cd 13 years ago and always thought I wouldn’t do another but the fans have been asking for one for several years so I held a contest on my social sites for people to help pick half of the material.  I’ve recorded many CDs over the years for several different Record Labels.  I finally took the plunge and became my own record company.   I funded this CD myself and for this first season the only way to buy the CD is through my website or at my concerts from now to the end of the year where I am doing CD signings after every show.
I was nervous for the fans reaction to the new Cd but am happy and relieved to report that the reviews have been great!  There is a lot more pressure when you act as your own label.

Chuck Stewart:  Thank you so much for doing this interview.  It is an honor and a privilege to have you share these things.  I look forward to hearing you for years to come.